Sweden #04



After our performance, Niclas asked me about it at the restaurant. “What is the best thing during staying in Stockholm for you?” I thought that it was clearly our performance. His family and friends came to the secret basement in the old area of Stockholm. In the first half, I read my short poems and he played improvised jazz. After taking a break with going out into a courtyard, and I read my long poems by myself in the second half. Everyone looked to enjoy my strange world, hidden massages and beautiful sight in poems. I was truly satisfied because I want to hold such a reading party—not big size, familiar one—in foreign country. I have to appreciate Niclas and his best friend Littke to organize everything. Tomorrow I am going to leave from his house early morning while he sleeping, and I am going to Ireland. I will breathe deeply in the rich nature or townscape and I will write some new poems because I need to prepare for next exhibition and poetry reading in Edinburgh Scotland. I am very grateful for some hospitalities of Swedish and my dear friend Niclas. Thank you so, so much. And see you again!