Sweden #03



My greatest happiness during staying abroad is spending time lying on the grass. As my country belongs to a mild and humid climate zone, our land is always wet, so we can not lie on the grass. On the other hand, even if I sit on the wet grass here, I don’t mind it because my wet trousers will soon dry up. If I spend time lying on the grass under sun in August in Japan, I will become a dried-up earthworm or a melted ice cream in a hand of the child. Life style, sense of time, communication, value and language. Everything is rooted in each climates—we can’t already doubt it. But, I don’t know why, the climate of Europe seems to suit me. It means that I have already lost an original climate that I should be rooted in, but I should find my new land to be rooted in if it is true. I have been finding it for about three years.