Ireland #01



My flight brought us to Dublin in Ireland while I had my hair pulled from behind because Niclas and his friends were very warm-hearted. There is one family who my wife looked for their children when they had lived in Japan. We have been living at their house since yesterday. We went to Botanic Garden with a mother and her children yesterday and today we walked around the center of city to visit some shops—book stores, record shops and some cafes—my Japanese friend who had lived and studied in Dublin before recommended me. I think I should talk about a waiter taking after Benedict Cumberbatch when I met at the restaurant, but I prioritize talking about one lady working at Queen of Tarts. I spoke to her sitting close to me who I waited for the toilet, she said that she had stayed in Japan for several years. I asked her where she lived in, so she answered, “Mi-Ta-Ka, and Kichijoji!” (Nice choice!!). I think that all foreigner having studied Japanese feel happy as soon as they notice that I come to their country from Japan. I think that I need to keep writing good poems because my job is a part of Japanese culture and language and the culture and language excite the curiosity of such a wonderful lady. I want to promise keeping writing poems which she is charmed with even if the time will come when Japanese culture is used as a tool for exclusive nationalism.


ニクラスやその友人たちの温かい歓迎に後ろ髪を引かれながら、スカンジナビア航空はぼくらをあっという間に、西の果て、アイルランドはダブリンへ連れてきた。妻が以前担任をしていた子どもの一家が暮らしていて、その家に厄介になっている。初日は子どもたちと一緒に散歩がてらボタニックガーデンへ。今日は中心街へ出て、本屋、レコード店、カフェなど、かつてこの街で学生生活を送った日本での友人のお薦めの店を巡った。本来なら、ランチに入ったレストランで出会ったベネディクト・カンバーバッチ似のウェイターの少し冷めた目つきや低く美しい声の話を書くべきだけれど、やはりここはQueen of Tartsの彼女のことを書こう。トイレを待つあいだ、ちょうど近くの席で休憩をとっていた彼女に声をかけると、日本語を勉強しに日本にいたことがあるという。どこに住んでいたのと尋ねると、ミタカとキチジョウジと言っていた。なんていいチョイス。日本語を学んでいた外国人はみな、ぼくが日本人だと知るや否や、本当に嬉しそうにはしゃぐ。あんなに可愛い子の大切な好奇心の一部を注いでくれたその日本文化や言語の一端を生業にしているのだと考えると、たまらなく気合いが入る。いずれ日本の文化が国粋主義的道具に使われる時代が来たとしても、ぼくは彼女の心を魅了するためだけの詩を書いていようと思う。