Scotland #17



My Reading event has ended last night and I spent time at the venue today, so my exhibition will end after the remaining two days. It means that my trip is fast drawing to its end. The number of poems I wrote in the trip is 17 and I think that I will write over 20 poems. Some poems are unexpected—I don’t believe what I wrote them.
During my exhibition, one Japanese student studying abroad came visit. She has her emotional conflict about her present state, so I should give her more better advice, but it was so difficult to do it. The solitude that is necessary for living life—there may be some good solitude in my poems, so I hoped that she saw my living poems at my reading event, but she couldn’t do. I pray that she lives her own life.
Andrew is a quite clam man who opened his stall store at Sundday market on Grassmarket last year. I was fascinated with his beautiful pictures, so I bought one. This time I sent email about my exhibition to him before leaving from Japan, but I really never thought that he would come. His coming was a very small but really happy thing that happened in my days.