Reading Party “Rules in A Vacant Lot” #2


This special poetry reading vol.02 is held to mark the publication of a new poetry book “Rules in A Vacant Lot”. As the book fee is included in the participation fee, all of you can get it at the same time when you participate in it. And the customers who already have this book can participate in this event if you pay only 500 yen. The location is “siorobi” in Matsumoto, and it is one of the most popular independent book store in Japan. Enjoy this one-night stand with drinking and eating!

英語詩集『Rules in A Vacant Lot』の出版を記念して開催する朗読会、第2回です。会場は、前回と同じく、いまもっとも注目を集める書店のひとつ、松本・栞日。お越しいただいた皆様には、この新刊詩集を贈呈させていただきます。なお、すでに詩集をご購入いただいた方は、割引料金にてご参加いただけます。心ゆくまでお楽しみください。



Friday 25th September 2015
doors open at 8 pm


3-7-5 Fukashi Matsumoto Nagano 390-0815 Japan
0263-87-5377  /


*included new poetry book
*in case of already having the book: only 500yen

please order one drink or food


booking: or