花と詩と Exhibition










The poetry exhibition “Flowers, Poems and….” was held at a flower shop “KOTO NO HA” in Matsumoto-city, Japan, for two weeks from the 25th of June to the 6th of July 2013. In Japan, the period is rainy season every year. We planed that participants enjoyed reading poems with the fragrance of many flowers and the calm sound of falling rain.

The hosts were made up of three members. Go Uchida – It was me and a poet, Naoko Iguchi – she was a florist and Daisaku Maeda – he was wood craftsman. At first, I wrote seven poems. The poems were many kinds – like a diaries, a fantasies, love stories, allegories, and so on. There were the depiction of flowers included in all the poems. Next, Naoko chose seven flowers associated with seven poems. She had a good sense of reading poems, and all flowers collected by her were wonderful. At last, Daisaku set up the exhibition place. And also, he have given us good advices how to make the exhibition. The exhibition wouldn’t have been able to hold  without him.

In the term of the exhibition, we held a poetry reading night on the 29th of June. More details can be found the following web page >> about the reading night

And I published seven poetry cards and an envelope as the exhibition’s goods. The participants could buy the goods with flowers. The goods are going to be sold at the some shops in Japan. More details of this matter can be found this site in the following August.

Poem: Go Uchida
Flower: Naoko Iguchi and KOTO NO HA
Coordinator: Daisaku Maeda



「花と詩と exhibition」は、長野県松本市の花屋「ことの葉」にて、6月25日から7月6日にかけて、およそ2週間に渡って開催されました。この時期、日本は梅雨の季節。花の香りと穏やかな雨音とともに詩を楽しんで味わってもらう。そんなexhibitionの開催を計画しました。





Exhibitionでは、7編の詩がそれぞれに印刷されたPoetry Cardと1種類の封筒をつくり、会期中、展示された花とともに販売しました。この商品は今後、日本国内のいくつかの店舗で販売する予定です。詳細については、8月初旬、このウェブサイトでご紹介します。