新 栞日


In 2013, in Matsumoto-city, Book store “sioribi” opened on the main street that runs from Matsumoto station to Agata-no-Mori park loved by people. Since the opening store, most people became to gather the store as their ‘third place’ being neither home nor office. Many craftsmen and artists heard the good things about the store, hold their exhibitions or live/concerts. And also, the owner of sioribi started the wonderful book festival ‘ALPS BOOK CAMP’ by Kizakiko Lake in Nagano, and it has been an immense success. This year, he decided to expand his business. It has been decided that I redesign the shop mark and all stationaries.


2013年、長野県松本市、松本駅から市民が憩うあがたの森公園までを貫く大通り沿いに、本屋「栞日」は、オープンした。開店以来、家でもなく職場でもないもうひとつの居場所=サードプレイスとして、多くの人たちが集まるスポットとなった。日本各地から噂を聞きつけて、作家やアーティストたちが個展・ライブを開き、また2014年には、長野県・木崎湖湖畔を舞台にしたブックフェスティバル「ALPS BOOK CAMP」を企画し、さらに注目を集めるようになった。そんななか、2016年、栞日は次なる展開として、店舗を拡大。それに合わせてデザインも刷新することになり、ショップマークだけでなく、ステーショナリー全般のリニューアルデザインを請け負った。





Starting accommodation industry and letterpress or beginning to work as writer and director, the store changed greatly at the renewal. So we needed to develop exciting and functionally shop mark to express a figure moving ahead and to be able to respond to various changes and evolutions in future, and finally this mark—Triangle and Circle was developed. ‘STORE Triangle’ is a shape of spotlight directing on the recommended books/products and values of sioribi. ‘INN Circle’ is an image that people settle down to feel Matsumoto. First symbol colours are black and White. Second colours are Yellow and Deep Green. The thin line expresses main street in front of STORE and INN.





shop card


Rebuilding the store is by ‘medicala’ who are special gifted designers. They let the walls of the store be plastered with matte gray stucco and used several old materials, so new store became the coolest and spirited space. We thought that the shop card should be smiliar to the atmosphere of that space. I chose really unique paper like slimy stucco, processed excellent varnish at black ink and used a creative ink by white and pearl-medium inks at some parts like soft sun light from large windows.







I wrote an original poem about sioribi to meet the owner’s requirements. It is a short story for many customers to spend their the happiest lives, at the same time that it is a guide to express the policy and the origin of store name. The poem was printed on the surface of the official shopper with the symbol colour of the previous store.





book mark


I created the official book mark to use shreds of paper that was left at the time of printing the shop card. On the front side, I put the final two lines from sioribi poem and printed black ink with excellent varnish processing. On the back side, it shows the unique design having a playful spirit to put the shop mark irregularly with black and pearl-medium inks.





business card


The character of the owner is very kind and gentle-mannered. I suggested him to use the second symbol colour—yellow and deep green and the paper named Snowbul just like white and soft snow, indeed of using the first symbol colour, black and white.






Client: 栞日
Art Direction, Design, Poetry, Photograph: Go Uchida
Printing Cards: Fujiwara Printing co.,ltd.
Printing Shopper: Shiota Printing co.,ltd.