douguya tasaki






“douguya tasaki” is a Japanese workshop based on Saitama next to Tokyo. The owner Kazunobu Tasaki makes original furniture, lighting and cutlery and deals in repairing furniture. Looking ahead to start his business independently in 2017, he began his own work through holding exhibition and opening his stall store for some craft events while he has been working at a repair shop. I designed official logo, shop card and stamps.

「douguya tasaki」は埼玉を拠点にして、家具や照明、カトラリー、木の玩具などのオリジナルプロダクトの制作と家具修理を行なっている道具屋。現在修理を専門に請け負う工房で働きながら、2017年の完全独立を見据えて、個展開催やクラフトフェア出店など、個人名義での仕事をスタート。ロゴ・ショップカード・スタンプをデザインした。




official logo 


The official logo was designed in the motif of the initial letters of his shop name and his main products—lighting and furniture. We will be able to feel softness and warmth and broad-mindedness if we touch his products, so the logo is an imposing presence and a rounded form.

ロゴは、屋号である「douguya tasaki」の頭文字と、田崎氏のメインプロダクトである「灯り」と「家具」をモチーフに、図案化。全製品を通して感じられる柔らかさや温もり、大らかさを表現すべく、どっしりとした存在感と丸みを帯びたフォルムでデザインした。




original typography for the shop name


The typography of the shop name is a lettering written by my hand at the owner’s request. It his thought of being himself, his making style of searching product forms with his hands and his playfulness.







We didn’t dare to make official envelope or packaging box, we made two stamps instead. One stamp is an official stamp written the shop name and its information. Other stamp has playful mind. He can use it for the merchandise tags of his products, or he can press the stamp on some envelopes like sealing letters with wax. There will be various expressions according to papers pressing stamps, it will express a natural material feeling of his products.

商品サイズがさまざまであるため包装や梱包箱、封筒は制作せず、社用のスタンプを制作。1種類は店名とインフォメーションが掲載されたもの。もう1種類はロゴを散らした遊び心のあるスタンプで、商品タグの装飾として使用したり、閉じた封筒に封蝋のように押印できる。スタンプを押す洋紙によってさまざまな表情が生まれ、「douguya tasaki」のプロダクトがもつ素材感にも通じる。




Client: douguya tasaki
Direction, Design: Go Uchida
Some photography: Seiichi Sakamaki