amijok POP広告


amijok was opened in Matsumoto-shi six years ago. Now people in this town love this cafe, in addition to that, it already became one of the representative of cafe which tourists absolutely want to visit. Particularly, coffee and muffin of the cafe are popular amongst the customer and they enjoy to eat in or take away. This year I asked my advice as to how it should advance to the future and we decided that it should appeal its leading and popular menu “coffee and muffin” every way with confidence. I designed POP tools for using at the cafe and when it opens a stall store for some events, with so simple illustrations and catch phrases “coffee and muffin amijok” “coffee is about amijok” “muffin in about amijok” to permanently fix them in customers’ minds.






タグ / Tag



ステッカー / Stickers



スタンプ / Stamp



旗(出店用) / Flags for opening a stall store for events



看板(出店用) / Signs for opening a stall store for events




Client: coffee&muffin amijok
Direction, Package Design, illustration: Go Uchida
Translation: Go Uchida, Yuki Matsushima (PINE TREE TRANSLATION)