amijok 活版マッチ


Matsumoto, in Nagano. ‘amijok’ is a cafe that was opened there in May 2011. Since that, the cafe became the best hot spot that people frequents. Its coffee has a smooth feeling and its seasonally muffins are really delicious.





And Its noteworthy attraction is personalities of the cafe owners—Mr. and Mrs. Kojima. They are loved by many people regardless of age or gender. I received request to make special match-boxes for the fifth anniversary of the opening of their cafe.





The design of match boxes are three patterns—‘COFFEE’ as a primary menu, ‘KEYWORDS’ expressing the ideal of the cafe and ‘LOW BACK PAIN’ playing a joke on a chronic disease of the owner. ‘COOL’ ‘DELICIOUS’ ‘CHARMING’ each attraction of the cafe are reflected in each atmosphere of match-boxes, and I designed them with changing the types—Choke Art, Typography and Illustration.






I ordered to print the match boxes in EDOBORI PRINTING in Osaka because it had had experiences to make match box by letterpress and they had wonderful jobs and it was established in the same years as ‘amijok’. It helped me with thinking the number of colours, choosing the best paper for printing, asking my repeated requests for quotation and good advices to design for about three months. I have to appreciate all staffs of EDOBORI PRINTING.





The ink is blue which is a symbol colour of the cafe. And we chose yellow on the head of match which the owner often used at the parts of the shop. When we open the blue boxes, we unexpectedly meet bright yellow, some of us may feel refreshed.





The different wholehearted messages is written on the sides of boxes, to the customers who has been loving the cafe for five years and the customers who will meet from now on.








Client: amijok
Direction, Design, Illustration, Photo: Go Uchida